Willow Bend is an attainable housing infill site located in Fayetteville, Arkansas that is envisioned as a neighborhood that will focus on sense of place and the human experience. This focus will facilitate the creation of a place that can be loved by its inhabitants for generations to come, contributing to all aspects of sustainability through prolonged existence. This will be accomplished by integrating landscape, structures, and people into an environment that reflects a deeper civic meaning and a distinct community character.

The primary developer of the Homes at Willow Bend is the Fayetteville Partners for Better Housing (PfBH). PfBH is a private 501c3 organization that was founded to provide quality, attainable housing in Fayetteville, Arkansas. To obtain funding for the design and master planning of Willow Bend, PfBH teamed up with the City of Fayetteville and the National Center for Appropriate Technologies who were selected as the recipients of a grant from the Sustainable Cities Institute Pilot City Program.

The mission of all the stakeholders involved with the Homes at Willow Bend is to create a replicable model of sustainable and attainable housing.

In keeping with the long range planning goals set forth in City Plan 2030 and the Walker Park Neighborhood Plan, the Homes at Willow Bend Master Plan is focused on
providing a range of well-connected, human-scaled, public and private spaces. The master plan evolved from a community design effort that integrates ecology and placemaking principles into one, resulting in the creation of high quality spaces that adhere to the natural ecology already present. The houses themselves are intended to define the edges of these spaces, providing both comfort and interest to the pedestrian passing through the neighborhood. Attempting to blend in with the existing Walker Park Neigbhorhood, traditional Ozark style architecture influences the design of the new homes, allowing for the creation of a sense of place with Ozark character. The homes will be energy efficient and encourage indoor and outdoor living with front porches and rear courtyards.

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